This is Fran, one of the brains behind the vibrantly beautiful Beeswax Wraps Company. She describes her brand as a female-led inspiring community for plastic-free living, and after hearing how she and fellow co-founder Carly do business, we couldn't agree more.

How did The Beeswax Wraps Co. first get started?

We started about 3 years ago in a search to find alternatives to the plastic we were using in our homes. It all started in our kitchens, trying and testing different wax blends for our wraps and selling at local markets. Demand got so large that we decided to build a website, and the rest is history.

What sets you apart from other bees wax-based brands?

Our beeswax wraps are hand-made with pinked edges which prevents them from fraying and helps them last longer. We're also passionate about making sure our company is just as ethical and eco-friendly as our product! We're also B Corp certified, our packaging is carbon balanced with the World Land Trust and we're Living Wage employees. 

How would you describe your mission as a brand?

From day one we wanted to create a company that did things differently. To create a plastic-free product that is all-natural, zero waste and completely eco-friendly, and build a community to promote sustainable products and ideas. We want to champion good in the world by being a female-led independent business that is both planet and people-friendly. Basically, we’re just nice people trying to do good things!

What is your proudest moment as a business?

Our first collaboration with Liberty London was a huge moment for us! It made us realise the potential of our little business and the wraps in their fabrics look beautiful.

What are your three favourite brands?

  • Green&Blue who sell wonderful bee blocks and bat houses. 
  • ModiBodi, a sustainable and zero-waste period company.
  • Lucy&Yak who sell fab dungarees but are also inspiring eco-business leaders.

What steps have you taken to curb your own consumer behaviour?

Well, plastic has been a no-go for about three years! This means no single-use bottles, no cling film, but also no crisps. We buy most of our produce from local greengrocers and butchers which supports our community but is a more sustainable choice. 

What is your biggest extravagance? 

I love making my own face oils and balms so the one thing I don’t mind splashing out on is high-quality essential oils.  

What’s your best life or beauty hack?

Make your own! Honestly, it’s so much easier than you think. You can choose your own scents and make everything from lip balm to face cream with just a few natural ingredients!

What is your best ‘little find’?

My husband made a wax mix from beeswax and jojoba oil a few months ago and it’s amazing, we use it on everything from polishing our shoes to re-waxing our wooden worktops and cleaning our wooden floors. 


Check out The Beeswax Wraps Company's gorgeous range of sustainable, plastic-free wraps here.


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