In the UK, 8 MILLION pumpkins are thrown away after Halloween.  When pumpkins are sent to landfill they emit a greenhouse gas called methane which contributes to climate change.⁣⁣ Award-winning zero waste chef, author and presenter, Max La Manna, is here to save the pumpkins from landfill. 
Max La Manna's book MORE PLANTS LESS WASTE bridges the gap between vegan food and waste-free cooking - inviting us to channel this mindset and discover a stronger purpose in our daily routines. 
With a little more thought we can all make small changes that will have a BIG, positive impact on the health of our planet. 

Craft your own Halloween headpiece

The team at Meri Meri have created a Halloween Headpiece for you to make at home. With an easy to download template, you can have fun creating!

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