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Two loving uncles, Akin & Cam, started MORI to give parents clothing essentials that they trusted were soft & safe for their baby. Organic cotton and bamboo is the ideal fabric for a baby’s sensitive skin as it is not only super soft, but it is processed without the use of harmful chemicals, promoting clean air, water and soil.

MORI 森 or もり means "forest" in Japanese, which is their nod to the purity of nature.

Mori | Cuddle Blanket | A Little Find Buy Now

Cuddle Blanket
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Making moments is one of the most important aspects of family life, that’s why MORI designed the Cuddle Blanket to help embrace those special times. Crafted with care in mind, the muslin blankets are made from a double layer muslin fabric, which makes it thicker than regular muslin material to be...

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MORI | Clever Sleeping bag - 0.5 Tog Pink | A Little Find Buy Now

Clever Sleeping bag - 0.5 Tog
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Baby Sleeping Bags are one of the safest forms of bedding for your baby. The fitted neck and armholes ensure that there is no danger of slipping whilst maintaining the complete freedom to move. MORI's Clever Sleeping Bag from breathable and thermoregulating bamboo and organic cotton will also keep the...

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Mori | North Star Throw | A Little Find Buy Now

North Star Throw
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MORI North Star Throw makes things a little easier for you as all our throws are able to withstand the rough and tumble of everyday family life. Made from 100% pure cotton, to ensure that the material is durable, looks the same through every wash, yet still feels cosy to cuddle...

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Mori | Pre-washed regular Muslin | A Little Find Buy Now

Pre-washed regular Muslin
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This classic sized MORI pre-washed regular Muslin (75 x 75cm) is perfect for feeding and winding a baby as they help to keep clothing protected, and can withstand countless washes to be used again. The MORI muslin can also be used as a handy comforter for the baby. Available in three...

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