Foldable Headphones - Light Blue

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The Tonies Foldable Headphones in Blue, are the ultimate companion for your child's adventures! Crafted for convenience and comfort, these headphones offer impeccable sound quality while boasting a collapsible design for effortless portability. 

In light blue, featuring plush, cushioned ear cups and a customisable headband, they guarantee a snug and cozy fit for extended periods of use. Their collapsible nature makes them travel-friendly, seamlessly fitting into bags or pockets, ideal for journeys or everyday activities. Equipped with a volume limiter set at 85dB, these headphones prioritise your child's auditory well-being, providing peace of mind.

To utilise the Tonies Foldable Headphones, simply unfold, adjust the headband for optimal comfort, and plug them into any compatible device. 

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