On The Road Again - Travel Kit
On The Road Again - Travel Kit

On the Road Again

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This Travel Prescription Bag by CODAGE Paris is the perfect accompaniment when on your journeys around the world. Jet lag, changes in temperature, air conditioning and pollution are all harmful to your skin and often synonymous with a dry, dull complexion, tired-looking skin, or dark circles and bags under your eyes.

The CODAGE skin experts have put together the perfect combination of products in a versatile format which is ideal for travelling, gym or generally on the go.

This prescription bag contains 5 skincare products:

Prepare: Micellar Water - 30ml Moisturising, Detoxifying and against Anti-Pollution
Act: SERUM Nr 01 - 5ml Intense Moisturising and SERUM Nr 03 - 5ml for Radiance and Energy
Protect: Day Cream - 15ml for Protection, to Smooth and for Radiance. Night Cream - 15ml to Nourish, for Anti-Ageing and Detoxifying


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