Vincit Vincit

Vincit, Qui Se Vincit, translates to 'to conquer truly, conquer yourself'. This ancient latin quote is a prompt to not only be gracious in victory but also to challenge ourselves. In other words, to be kind and to be brave. 

Memories are made from moments spent together, not starting at a screen. Vincit Vincit products are intended as a vehicle to encourage us to switch off and engage with each other. 

Vincit Vincit is the brain child of Vincent Villeger, world renowned Creative Consultant specialising in luxury packaging design. He was the former Director of Packaging Design at Burberry in London. He spent 8 years with the brand where he set-up the packaging design team and worked in close collaboration with Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey and the senior creative team to turn Burberry into the No.1 British luxury brand.

All Vincit Vincit products are manufactured by skilled makers in Wimbledon.

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