Letter from our founder

“I created A LITTLE FIND as a way to share my passion for innovative, aesthetic and conscious brands. I’ve always had a knack for finding products that I just knew would be covetable, and that you couldn’t find easily. I was asked so many times ‘where did you find that!?’ that I started to bring them all together on one platform and the business was born. 

“It’s important that the brands I choose are pushing the boundaries of design, sustainability and innovation – proving that to live a conscious lifestyle you can still keep a cool design aesthetic. It doesn’t have to be drab, or boring! It can be really fun and exciting to shop consciously. 

”As we’ve grown, we’re so much more than just the products that we list on A LITTLE FIND. I feel very lucky to be part of a thriving community of creative entrepreneurs who all share the same vision. That’s why we use our platform to tell all their amazing founder stories, their dedication to innovation and bring them to life in our new magazine, THE FIND. 

“We’re creating the department store of the future – a blend of commerce, community and content. We cater for all ages, and all budgets. ‘People, planet, profit’ is our guiding mantra. Guided by this, myself and my team are creating a brand new, exciting retail experience that is kinder to the planet. We’re a partner of 1% for the planet, and ship all of our orders plastic-free.”

“Thank you for supporting us.”