Our founder Caroline Jacobs-Graf spends a lot of time researching and seeking out new, innovative and aesthetic brands to bring to you on A LITTLE FIND. 

Her instinct to pinpoint the next “must-have” wonder product, is an art not a science. However, there are some qualities that all of our partner brands share. 

Here, Caroline tells us how she decides on what to feature next on our department store of the future. 


“First and foremost, innovation, design and functionality are at the heart of all the brands that we work with. I strongly believe that shopping more sustainably doesn’t mean a compromise on style.”

“I’m always seeking out fellow entrepreneurs that are inspired by tradition, nature, science and technology. We feel that it’s important to take time to consider the use of natural ingredients, including the benefits and the impact upon the health of the planet by using them. Whether this is making advancements in Blue Biotechnology, or being inspired by tradition and bringing it up to date for our modern world, our partner brands respect nature and never harvest it in an unsustainable manner. You’ll also find organic products on A LITTLE FIND that have been certified by a third party such as the Soil Association, Ecocert, USDA or NaTrue. This means that the whole product is organic, rather than just the individual ingredients.”

“I’m always on the look-out for new, innovative developments in sustainability. This can be by creating products across categories such as plastic-free, plastic-conscious, reef-safe, waterless, or by using packaging that’s made from recycled materials (including made from ocean plastic) or packaging that is compostable or recyclable. I also look for innovative formulations such as reef-safe sun creams that do not contribute to the bleaching of coral, or clever products like a washing bag that helps to considerably reduce the amount of micro plastic pollution that goes into our oceans.”
“How many times have you received a parcel and thought ‘why is there so much useless packaging!’ This is why we ship all our orders using absolutely no plastic, and seek out brands who are also conscious of their packaging and sustainability in their own business practices. We work with many innovative entrepreneurs, some of whom are offering customers the opportunity to refill and reuse, or even send their product packaging back to be reused by the brand, thereby reducing our impact upon the planet.”

“It’s important for us to work with brands that aren’t solely driven by profit, particularly when it comes to over-producing and creating unnecessary new lines and variants of products just to make more money. We take note of businesses who are smart with how much they produce, and work with those who also aspire to the idea of ‘buy better, buy less’.”

“We only work with brand partners that produce cruelty-free products. For a product to be labelled ‘cruelty-free’, it means that the final product and its ingredients have not been tested on animals. Some brands are certified against animal testing by an independent third party such as PETA or Cruelty Free International, which issues the Leaping Bunny logo. If an item is marked as vegan, it means that it contains no animal, or animal-derived products. Products may be certified as vegan by a third party such as the Vegan Society.”

“We are a partner of 1% For The Planet, meaning that a percentage of our annual sales go towards supporting environmental and social initiatives in the UK. Many of our partner brands have charitable donations at the heart of their business model, and this is something that we consider when we choose to list them on A LITTLE FIND.”

Thank you for supporting us.