For many months now all orders you placed with us have been sent to you plastic-free. But I have to admit we never really got round to communicating it properly until now! 

As well as our new plastic-free status, everything we package with is 100% recyclable, and our boxes are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved, meaning the materials are responsibly sourced.

What better way to communicate this than by collaborating with the talented Annika Reed on a special tissue paper.

As well as our new plastic-free status, everything we package with is 100% recycle and our boxes are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved meaning the materials are responsibly sourced.

You can help us build a sustainable future by recycling all of our packaging.

To launch our new packaging and the beginning of Spring we've collaborated with London-based wallpaper designer Annika Reed. Born in Devon, Annika now lives in Forest Hill, London with her husband and daughter. She studied Fine Art Printmaking for her BA in Brighton and MA at Camberwell. But it was at the university of Shanghai, China that Annika learnt the craft of woodblock. That was in 2006 and she has been making woodcuts ever since. Even turning her spare room into a non-toxic printmaking studio, it is home to her printing press and where she makes and designs her wallpapers and prints.

Not only do we love Annika's work, we love that sustainability is the driving force behind everything she produces. She describes her range as ‘walls with aesthetics that care about ethics!’. All of the wallpapers are Forest Stewardship Certified (FSC), just like our boxes, meaning that the trees that are harvested are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally. She only uses water based, environmentally-kind inks, which are durable, colour fast and free from nasty chemicals. Each of the wallpapers are made to order and made in the UK to reduce their carbon footprint and eliminate waste.

We have exclusively commissioned Annika's stunning print, Climbing Vine in colour-way Beryl & Porcelain, for our tissue paper. The Paederia Foetida vine featured in this elegant wallpaper is considered to have great restorative powers in its leaves, roots and flowers and have a calming influence.  

We went behind the scenes with the London-based block print designer to find out all about her, her take on sustainability and what she is loving right now! You can read her interview here