3 Steps To Smooth Skin

by Ameliorate

‘3 Steps to Smooth Skin’ smooths away bumps and softens and moisturises rough, dry skin caused by Keratosis Pilaris. 

Our simple, proven formula, Exfoliate + Cleanse + Transform, is designed so each step enhances the next, smoothing bumps and leaving your skin softer, renewed and moisturised for up to 12 hours.

Pack includes 50ml Smoothing Body Exfoliant, 60ml Nourishing Body Wash and 50ml Transforming Body Lotion.

Clinically proven and dermatologist tested, AMELIORATE makes Keratosis Pilaris look and feel better, deeply hydrates very dry skin and leaves normal skin amazingly soft and smooth.

Kit Contains:

  • Smoothing Body Exfoliant - 50ml
  • Nourishing Body Wash - 60ml
  • Transforming Body Lotion - 50ml

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