Therapie Equilibrium Bath & Shower Essence - 30ml

by Therapie Roques O'Neil

This handy travel sized Equilibrium Bath & Shower Essence was created to help with the stresses of life's daily journey.  If you're feeling flat and joyless because your inner calm has disappeared. A quick soak with this restorative elixir any time of the day will transform you. Whether smoothed onto your body before stepping into the shower or dropped into a bath, it creates a much needed oasis of calm and solace.

Key Ingredients are: 
  • Apricot kernel moisturising properties make it the perfect base 
  • lsandalwood oil an emotional and physical stabiliser 
  • frankincense oil offers a sense of security and protection 
  • lemon petigraine calms an overextended nervous system 
  • Fragonia oil supports when anxious and stressed 
  • Jasmine absolute antidepressant effect that elevates your mood 
  • Blood orange oil for support against anxiety and stress 
  • rose otto opens heart while tonifying circulation to soothe spirit
How to use

Decant one cap-full into a bath of running water. Soak in the bath for minimum of ten minutes before cleansing. This wonderful essence can also be used in the shower - after you've washed your body. Simply massage a cap-full into wet skin and surround yourself in the aroma. It's the perfect antidote when you're left feeling overextended and anxious.


Prunes armenica, lavendula augustifolia), santalum aalbum boswellia carterii), citrus limonum, agonis fragrans, cedrus deodora, jasminium sambac, citrus sinensis, citrus aurantium, rosa damascena, polysorbate 20, rosemarinus officinalis c02 extract.

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