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Therapie Equilibrium Bath & Shower Essence - 30ml

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This handy travel sized Equilibrium Bath & Shower Essence was created to help with the stresses of life's daily journey.  If you're feeling flat and joyless because your inner calm has disappeared. A quick soak with this restorative elixir any time of the day will transform you. Whether smoothed onto your body before stepping into the shower or dropped into a bath, it creates a much needed oasis of calm and solace.

Key Ingredients are: 
  • Apricot kernel moisturising properties make it the perfect base 
  • lsandalwood oil an emotional and physical stabiliser 
  • frankincense oil offers a sense of security and protection 
  • lemon petigraine calms an overextended nervous system 
  • Fragonia oil supports when anxious and stressed 
  • Jasmine absolute antidepressant effect that elevates your mood 
  • Blood orange oil for support against anxiety and stress 
  • rose otto opens heart while tonifying circulation to soothe spirit