Toilet Paper re-invented - Tissue Refills

by JOSEPH'S Toiletries
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JOSEPH’S Toiletries reinvents toilet paper and combines it with a gentle bottom wash developed by Swiss dermatologists. It allows moist cleansing as clean as with a wet wipe while avoiding harsh chemicals and plastics. Freshen up on the go with the new travel-sized bottom wash, the perfect size for any bag.

The Tissue Refill contains 30 tissues. 3 Tissue Refills last for a month.

  • The new generation of tissues combines the best of two worlds: as clean as wet wipes and as natural as toilet paper
  • Dry or most. Woven, patented surface gives you the choice
  • Super absorbent. Fluffed inner core for maximum security 
  • Fully flushable and dissolvable. Will not block sewage systems – unlike wet wipes
  • 100% natural, from responsible forestry. Good for your skin and the environment
  • Vitamin-coated outer layer for optimal skin protection. No additives, binders, glue or chemicals
  • Gynaecologically tested and is pH-balanced and hypoallergenic
  • Made in Switzerland

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