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Life & Soul Omega 3 Fish Oil Mini Capsules - 120 Capsules

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For a daily dose of wellbeing: Discover all-round brilliance for body, mind and soul with pure, super-strength omega-3.

Every batch is independently tested on top of the two sets of tests that Bare Biology carry out. Your guarantee the oil is pure, fresh and safe. These fish oils don't contain iodine and are tested for radioactivity.

These fish oils are super fresh so they're gentle on tummies and never cause fishy burps. They're also in the natural triglyceride form which is easier for the body to absorb.

All of the capsules are made from sustainably sourced fish gelatin, they don’t use beef or pork in any of their products, which means they’re OK for pescatarians.

Suitable for anyone 12 years up, but you can also give them to younger children as they're tiny and easy to swallow.

100% recyclable glass pot

Four capsules a day will give you an excellent level of EPA & DHA, the same as a tin of sardines. That’s 1460mg Omega 3 (860mg EPA and 440mg DHA) for 30 days. It’s best to take your capsules with meals – either all at once or spread throughout the day. Taking Lion Heart with food helps your body absorb it, and it can help you get into the habit of taking Omega 3. We don’t recommend breaking the capsules open to give to children as it’s a bit fiddly and you’ll waste some of the oil.

Natural triglyceride-form fish oil from sardines, anchovies and mackerel (smaller fish with fewer contaminants) Fish gelatin and glycerol BP to hold it all together (no pork or beef) A tiny amount of vitamin E (tocopherol) to naturally preserve

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