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Restoring Night Serum - 30ml

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This concentrated anti-ageing serum helps brighten dark spots, even skin tone and texture, tighten and boost collagen. Contains a powerful combination of antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and natural extracts that work together to help protect, repair and resurface skin including Niacinamide, this Vitamin B3 ingredient helps fight breakouts and signs of ageing. It strengthens and rejuvenates skin while improving tone and texture.

Gwennis (Algae Extract), helps curtail dark spots for a brighter and more even toned complexion. Lanablue (Algae Extract), a blue-green algae extract composed of nutritional vitamins, amino acids and trace elements, Lanablue smooths skin and promotes skin cell renewal.

With Glycolic Acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid that exfoliates dead skin cells to clear the pores, increase cell turnover, and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and ET-VC™ (3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid), a stable derivative of Vitamin C that has antioxidant properties, helps even out skin tone, fights photo-ageing and stimulates collagen synthesis. An ideal anti-ageing serum for all skin types, even sensitive.