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The Hello Klean Shower Filter removes unwanted minerals and chemicals, giving you softer feeling hair and skin. Though hard water is just freshwater infused with minerals that offer health benefits, those same minerals - like calcium, magnesium, iron, nickel and copper - can prevent the surfactants in your shampoo from lathering, and contribute to buildup.

Effectively capturing those minerals that can dry your skin and give way to soap scum, as well as filtering bacteria, impurities and chlorine, this screw-on filter (don't be deterred, it's super easy to fit) effectively improves the quality of the water flowing over you so you can enjoy smoother, softer skin and hair.

The filter is designed to be refillable.  Each refill capsule lasts for 13,000 litres of water,  which is around 3 months for a household of 3, 4 months for a household of 2, and 5 months for a household of 1.


  • Removes odour, mould and bacteria
  • Balances your shower water's pH level
  • Removes chlorine in both hot and cold water
  • Reduces +90% of chlorine as well as copper, iron, lead and more
  • Refillable and recyclable aluminium filter case
  • Recyclable capsule case
  • Take two minutes to install, no tools needed

Remove the white and blue plugs from the Shower Filter. Remove the shower cord from the tap. Connect the Shower Filter onto tap. Re-attach cord to bottom of the filter. Run the water for 30 seconds. For awkward spacing or taps located close to the wall (less than 2.5cm space), you'll need the Hello Klean Shower Adapter to lengthen the distance. No plumber or tools needed. Installation in just two minutes.

Ingredients: Calcium Sulfite, KDF 55, Granular Activated Carbon, Ceramic Beads (Zeolite, Tourmaline, FIR) Filter Case Material: Aluminum Capsule Case Material: ABS Recyclable Plastic Filter Dimensions: 65.5mm X 180mm Capsule Dimensions: 50mm X 115mm Product Weight: 450 grams Entry and Exit Valve: 1/2" thread Flow Rate: 8 liters per minute

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