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Signature Laundry Wash - 500ml

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This multi-purpose wash removes tough stains, brightens whites and preserves colour all without any of the nasty chemicals often found in household detergents that can shorten the life span of fabrics. The Lab Co. treat your items with the TLC they deserve - so you can love them longer.

The signature blend includes refreshing Eucalyptus - a natural deodoriser, revitalising Orange Rind and a hint of Wild Lavender to soothe & calm.


  • Concentrated / up to 32 washes
  • Plant-based / vegan 
  • ZERO harsh chemicals or toxins
  • Preserves fabric 
  • An alternative to dry cleaning
  • Eliminates the need for dry cleaning
  • Made in the UK
  • Cruelty-free

Hand Wash: 1-2 capfuls (10-20mls) Machine Wash Soft Water/Light Soiling: 2 capfuls (20mls) Machine Wash Hard Water/Heavy Soiling: 4 capfuls (40mls) *Please follow the advice given on the garment care label.

Contains natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. This includes 5 - < 15 % non-ionic surfactants. < 5% fragrance (contains d-limonene, linalool), preservative (contains phenoxyethanol).

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