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Sam from Sam Loves Copy works as a freelance copywriter and spends her days' helping brands to talk, build their personalities and find their voices through storytelling within the arts, travel, and luxury services. Whether you are a blogger, aspiring writer or just want to write a better birthday card for your mum, this week on THE FIND, Sam shares with us 3 super effective tips on how to become a better writer - I'm taking notes...

Sam's Top 3 Writing and Grammar Tips

Write like you speak.

Writing more like you speak is a fantastic way to connect with people on a more personal, human level. When writing for business, we often revert to a very formal, “We regret to inform you” kind of language, when often, “We’re really sorry” will come across far more genuinely. Just imagine you are actually speaking face-to-face with one person. The shift may surprise you!

    Write your own rules.

    Grammar is important – but some rules were made to be broken! Spelling is non-negotiable. Punctuation shouldn’t be messed with (too much). But I believe some stuffy old rules like “don’t start a sentence with ‘and’ or ‘but’” are optional. They belong to a more ‘proper’ era, before blogging and social media. Used sparingly it can sound relaxed and natural, so don’t worry too much – we won’t call the grammar police!

    Give it some rhythm!

    When I write, I imagine the text is a speech that someone will read aloud on a stage. To keep a live audience captivated, the speaker will build a sense of story with varying pace, volume, and dramatic pauses. Written words are no different - but we must write them in! Always mix up the lengths of sentences, use punctuation and other tricks to control the reader’s journey, so they enjoy the ride and stay with you right to the end.

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