Brand of The Month: Doers Of London

Doers of London captures the energy of the city, with products that are luxurious, sophisticated, and hard-working, yet slot in neatly to the busy lifestyle of the modern man.

Spotting a gap in the market for high-quality, uncomplicated and natural grooming products, Doers of London was founded in 2019 by a collective of self-made entrepreneurs determined to combine their knowledge and experiences to create a brand that would speak to like-minded individuals. Creating clean, premium products without the premium price tag is the core ethos of the brand – working to give you the confidence and the time to focus on what is truly important.

doers of london

As the name suggests, Doers are committed to never remaining static, and are forever looking to challenge the status quo – seeking to improve and disrupt the industry wherever they can. Producing in smaller batches allows them to constantly rethink and evolve the products and the packaging, with a constant focus on finding better ways to minimise their impact on the planet. Using natural ingredients with traceable origins, green biotechnology and green chemistry means these are products you can trust to always be held by the top standards.

The brand is entirely vegan and is Cruelty Free verified by Provenance, with 9 more proof points spanning the range – including evidence of their commitment to Clinical Testing and Protecting Water Quality. Committed to reducing waste, Doers packaging uses glass and aluminium wherever possible, or if this options increases their carbon footprint, they choose plastics derived from post-consumer recycled material.

doers of london

Read The Q&A With Our Brand of The Month

Why is sustainability and the use of clean ingredients so important to the brand’s ethos?

Doers of London was founded on the strong belief that the market needed grooming products which offered great performance, while respecting the natural balance of our skin and being less harmful to the environment. Greenwashing and false claims in the skincare industry are a common phenomenon, and for this reason we are committed to transparency and are proud to disclose information about our processes, ingredients and packaging.

What does a simple but effective skincare routine look like?

The three main steps of a simple, but effective skincare routine are to cleanse, treat and moisturise. Cleanse your skin, respecting your skin's microbiome and lipid barrier. Treat according to your skin type, addressing areas of concern. Moisturise, to calm skin inflammation, lock in hydration and delay the ageing process.

Doers of London

And what’s your top tip for sticking to it?

There’s no secret shortcut, but you need to be consistent. The habits you have today, get you to where you want to be tomorrow.

Are there any products you should be incorporating or avoiding depending on skin type?

For oily and combination skin, it is important to add a clay based mask and a serum rich in niacinamide to your daily routine. This will help to balance the excess sebum, minimise pores and prevent acne and breakouts. For dry skin, it is important to use a gentle or cream based cleanser/scrub and before moisturising, add a serum rich in hyaluronic acid to your routine to seal in hydration.

Doers of London

What are the most common skincare concerns men make?

Common skincare concerns men have include; redness and irritation caused by the environment or by shaving, oily or combination skin prone to breakouts, enlarged pores, acne and visible signs of ageing. Men are also keen to only use products that offer quick absorption, leaving the skin free of residue or shine.

Are there any golden rules for what you should be doing pre and post shave?

A good shave always starts with daily facial cleansing to soften the facial hair, keeping bacteria and irritation at bay. After shaving it is always important to apply a moisturiser to reduce skin redness and most importantly, to quickly rebuild skin’s natural barrier.

Discover the range from Doers of London here.

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