Let's meet outside

It's time to get outside, soak up the sun and catch up with loved ones. At THE FIND we have big plans; our team are planning picnics, small exercise classes and discovering long walking routes. Join us in exploring the great outdoors and take a look at our top picks.

Walking in nature

Over the past year many of us have reconnected with nature and enjoyed our daily walks. There are many different walks you can do in your local area and many online tools you can use. Discover free UK walking routes here.

Get fully prepared with our curated collection of products. We have a huge range of eco-friendly water bottles, reef-safe suncare and natural deodorant. Shop our walking collection.

Outdoor exercise

Adriene Mishler, Yoga Teacher and Founder of Find What Feels Good, has created free yoga videos suitable for any level and mood. Discover here.

With our collection of products you can get the most out of your exercise sessions. From Yoga Mat Spray, to supplement support to natural and gentle body care, choose from a wide selection. Shop our exercise collection.

Picnic with friends

Enjoy the sunshine with picnic dates, we've got everything you need to get prepared. Why not play Spotify's 'The Picnic List' playlist, perfect for a calm soundtrack and atmosphere.

As the weather warms up we will have to get used to more insects being around, but you can be prepared with the Mrs White's range. Choose from the effective Unstung Hero, planet-friendly soy Travel Candle and more to improve your experience. Shop our picnic collection.

Weekly finds

Aubergine salad with shallots and pomegranate molasses.

Looking for some side dishes for your BBQs? Create a delicious BBQ spread with side dishes like this by chef Ben Tish: aubergine salad with shallots and pomegranate molasses.

Rewild Your Garden by Frances Tophill.

Make your garden, outdoor space or windowsill wild and full of life with Gardener and Author, Frances Tophill's top tips. Discover the joys of returning to nature within the bounds of your very own garden. From plant species to sustainable techniques, Tophill’s practical and gorgeously illustrated guide covers everything you need to know for rewilding your green space and doing a good turn for the planet in the process.

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