Tips On Making Your Winter Wardrobe Work Harder

As we move into autumn, it's now officially time to transition into our winter wardrobes. But while reusing your old clothes is certainly the sustainable option, sorting through jumpers and coats of seasons past may feel a bit daunting.
To help guide you in the right direction, we spoke to fashion guru and personal stylist Lilli Roth about her life and career in the industry, as we ask her top tips for updating your winter wardrobe to keep it fresh and exciting.

Tell Us About You And Your Background?

I've been working in the world of fashion for almost thirty years. I began my career with a five-year BA programme in fashion design in my native Sao Paulo, Brazil. Since then, I've trained in textile technology, dyeing and printing, jewellery, and interior design. For ten years, I ran my on fashion company in Brazil, designing clothes for my label, 'Lilli Piovesan'. My company distributed worldwide, with my collections appearing in exclusive boutiques, such as Browns in London, Penelope, Italy, Bon Marche in Paris, as well as the United States and Japan.
In 2018 I started working in personal styling. After taking several courses in the field and serving individual customers for a couple of years, I decided to start this service, which not only analyses a person’s personal style as an external presentation, but also refers to the reason for our choices through the way our brain processes in addition to what is familiar to us.
The purpose of this group and online service is to help people anywhere in the world feel happy with the image that represents them, and translate all of that into a more conscious, ethical and sustainable life, through a functional wardrobe.
Fashion is something I live and breathe. Since moving to the UK, I've become involved in the British scene, not only hanging out at London Fashion Week but meeting fellow designers, manufacturers, and retailers. I continue to contribute designing pieces for labels, write about fashion, and explore the global industry and its possibilities.

I love to write about fashion and show a little of my world through my Professional IG and explore the global industry and its possibilities, for example in partnerships, as I participate in 5 Carlos Place, space of experience for MATCHESFASHION customers through sessions which I call the “style diagnosis laboratory” as well as continuing to serve individual customers for the most diverse needs.

How And Why Did Style Therapy Begin?

It started with my own need to rediscover myself and my style. After 2 pregnancies and a real lifestyle change when I got married and moved from Sao Paulo to London, I realised what used to work for me no longer did. I made the transition from stylist to a personal stylist – my main motivation being that I no longer identified with a wardrobe full of just beautiful things, and wearing these same things days on end.

What Inspires You And Motivates You?

I love fashion and the artistic aspects of it, but there’s nothing more pleasurable for me than working on the full process with a client – helping her find herself again in her style and image identity.

As We Move Into The Winter, What Are Your Top Tips To Help Transition Our Wardrobe?

As the weather starts getting colder, you’ll be wanting to transition your wardrobe to incorporate more layers and generally feel cosier!
My top tip for making the most of your clothes is to make 4 piles:
● Items that don’t represents you anymore and need to go (donations or re-selling)
● A pile you need to think over still – stuff that you can’t part from yet and will be keeping for next winter
● Clothes in need of alterations. Believe me – there will be lots of items that can be updated to be more trendy and you will love them again!
● Clothes to keep – you can start wearing these right now!
I know it may feel daunting having to sort through a whole wardrobe full of clothes, but set aside a weekend for it and as soon as it’s done, you’ll be reaping the rewards all season.

If you feel that you can’t do it by yourself, find a professional and I promise you the results are amazing and very fulfilling! Once everything is organised, you can really assess where the gaps in your wardrobe actually are and where you can invest in.
The Style Therapy Instagram Is Packed Full Of Inspiration And Feels Like A Celebration Of Fashion. How Important Is It To You To Build A Community And Connect With Others? I love to connect with my instagram followers and be part of the Style Therapy community, there’s so much to exchange - we also have a online workshop “ HOW TO FIND YOUR STYLE ” in Portuguese and I’m looking forward for having the English version of this by the middle of next year.

What Piece Of Advice Would You Give To Someone Who Is Looking To Set Up Their Own Company Or Start Their Own Personal Project?

Study and read about everyday updates in the trends of your field, as well as sustainability. Never stop trying to learn more – the greater your knowledge, the more confidence you will have in yourself and in knowing what you want to accomplish.

When It Comes To Our Clothes, How Important Is Sustainability And Shopping Mindfully To You? What Are Your Top Tips To Encourage Others To Shop More Sustainably?

It’s very important to be sustainable in any area of your life these days. In terms of fashion, I think it’s really important to understand yourself and how you want to be presented: what do you really like? What colours and proportions suit you? Once you have established that, it’s much easier to properly invest in clothes that you know you’ll love forever, rather than always buying into the latest trends that you’ll soon get bored of.

What Are You Most Excited To Work On Over The Next Few Months?

I’m really excited to be starting a group workshop, helping participants to find their style and to understand how their brains work in relation to choosing their style preferences.

What Do You Look For When Finding The Perfect Gift?

It has to be something unexpected.

What is Your Top Little Find?

The Clothes Doctor is my favourite brand of eco friendly laundry detergent and natural clothing care tools that suit every fabric, from knitwear and linen, to silk and synthetics.

Clothes Doctor

What is Your number 1 Top Tip for a seasonal update?

I always believed that it’s all in the details. Accessories (jewellery, shoes and bags) can dictate the direction of your style and be aligned with your personality so look deeply at it and build your own style update for this season.

Look at some of the trends but don’t lose yourself in the sea of offers. Be focused, it’s all about you. Define your identity, your image, all the information is within yourself! If you need any help navigating this way please contact me, will be a pleasure to help.

Lilli xx

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