Recycle those pumpkins this year with this irresistible pumpkin pie recipe. Pumpkin pie is a wonderful seasonal treat, and this easy recipe will help us reduce waste this year.

In the UK, 8 million pumpkins are thrown away after Halloween. When pumpkins are sent to landfill they emit a greenhouse gas called methane which contributes to climate change.⁣⁣ A classic pumpkin pie is one of the best ways to use up leftover pumpkin, especially when it’s in season in autumn.

Because of You by Dawn French

The eagerly awaited, life-affirming and moving Sunday Times Top 10 Bestseller from number-one bestselling author, Dawn French. Because Of You is Dawn French's stunning new novel, told with her signature humour, warmth and so much love.

'Dawn tackles the big ones - love, death, grief, childhood, motherhood, parenthood - head on' - Guardian

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