A LITTLE GUIDE: Sleeping Well

THE FIND: Guide To Sleeping Well

We don’t get enough of it. We want more of it. What are we talking about? Sleep of course!

Here’s a question – would you like to face each day with more energy, a clear, capable mind, and glowing skin? If the answer is ‘yes’ (we’re not sure why anyone would say no), then it’s time to get serious about sleep.

Wellbeing experts, Aromatherapy Associates, reveal that a lack of sleep can negatively affect our memory, anxiety levels, premature ageing, productivity, and even increase our appetite. That’s a lot of negativity. Especially when a massive 71% of us fail to get the recommended 8 hours a night*. There’s clearly a lot to gain from getting more shut-eye, so at THE FIND we’ve put together a handy ‘123’ on how to catch a few more precious Zzzzs…

Healthy days make for healthy nights.

It may sound funny, but getting a good night’s kip actually starts from the moment you wake up. Because what we do during the day has a lasting effect on how our body and mind feel by the end of it. Getting active is one of the best things we can do, with exercise burning off excess physical energy and helping to clear our heads of stress. What we eat and drink is another key factor, as food additives, alcohol, caffeine, and even tobacco, not only disrupt our natural energy cycles, they can stay in our system for hours after we consume them, ultimately disrupting our sleep. For a healthier hit to sustain us during the day, we love PHIZZ Effervescents, as they reduce fatigue and support mental performance through a simple blend of vitamins.

In the evening, wind down to it…

Unfortunately, our brains do not operate like light switches – we can’t just ‘power off’. We have to ease our bodies into sleep, and systematically dial down the distractions, from lights to technology. In fact, the particular ‘blue light’ from TVs, smartphones, and laptops is activating to the brain. So, when you think you’re unwinding with Netflix? You’re actually telling your brain – “be awake now!” The advice is to turn off the tech and dim the lights at least sixty minutes before sleep. It may seem scary, but consider it a whole hour you get back to do something mindful and therapeutic. A good old soak in the bath is the perfect way to promote drowsiness naturally, followed by a calming pre-bed ritual to encourage ‘bed-time’ vibes. We love Aromatherapy Associates Sleep and Recover Collection, as it includes a relaxing bath oil, a selection of products to massage into the face and body, and a Deep Relax Roller Ball oil for that final in-bed flourish.

When bed calls, seduce your senses.

We tend to think of sleep like breathing - a habit our bodies instinctively know ‘how to do’. Rather, we should view sleep like a flower trying to grow - we must nurture the perfect conditions - and for us, that begins with appealing to our five senses!

- Our eyes prefer dark, calming environments, so minimise any light pollution from technology and street lights and decorate your bedroom in muted matte tones.

- Our skin appreciates cool but cosy environments, so invest is natural-fibre linen that breathes and stays soft to the touch, like Skin Laundry’s hypoallergenic cotton Sleepcycle Pillowcase, treated with charged silver ion technology to reduce bacteria.

- Our ears can be sensitive, particularly if you’re a light sleeper, so banish ticking clocks and phone beeps, and consider a sound machine to round out the sounds that invade your environment.

- Our taste - we know that eating late is a no-no, because it means we’re digesting instead of resting. But if you fancy trying something a bit different before bed, go for MARVIS Jasmine Mint Toothpaste - it’s slightly sweet and looks fabulously vintage by your sink!

- Finally, our noses are powerful little appendages, so please them with natural scents like lavender, proven to help you fall asleep faster, and more deeply. Simply spray your sheets with a little Bamford Botanic Pillow Mist and you’ll be within sniffing distance of dreamland!

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*The Big Sleep Report – Bensons Beds Base: 10,000 participants

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