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A LITTLE ME TIME is all about taking a few moments out of our busy days that are purely for you! I know it’s not always easy to take some time out; but these top tips may make all the difference, after all, a top-up of our own well-being, will help keep us going for longer...


Smells are a beautiful way of connecting to past memories and experiences very quickly. Walk into a room with a familiar smell, and for a few moments, you can be whisked back to a different time and place. It’s a very personal experience, and as with all my tips for the senses, you need to work out what connects and soothes you, as it will be different for us all. Smells can connect us to positive and negative experiences, and it's important to work out what will work for you, and more importantly what really doesn’t!

Awaken or relax the senses.

This month I have been paying particular attention to the smells around me and noticed the things I have done without realising to awaken or relax me. My morning shower routine always involves a strong minty shower gel, which I find the perfect way to get ready for the day. However, when I’m away I often switch to an evening shower routine, and then it’s all about the softer fragrances which make all the difference as I wind down from the days' activities. I've recently discovered the Bamford Green Weekender with its perfect blend of Geranium, Lavender and Peppermint, all 3 ingredients do the job perfectly to energize in the morning, and then sooth and purify in the evening.

Lavender is often recommended as a soothing smell, however, Sandalwood and Bergamot are also known for their relaxing properties. On the other hand, if I want my senses to be awoken, I always return to citrus smells; oranges and lemons are two of my go-to smells, to start my day with a zest!

THE FIND | A LITTLE ME TIME | Bamford Green Weekender

Calm the senses by candlelight.

With winter and the dark nights upon us; the smell of pine from the Christmas trees, and the fragrance of a spiced mulled wine - like many of us this time of year, I find myself drawn to warm and comforting smells such as cinnamon and cedarwood. Although I would love a real Christmas tree at home, my small London flat isn't the ideal place for it, so instead I am constantly lighting candles throughout my home, which is as much for the ambience as it is for the smell. There is an array of fantastic products with wonderful smells, and half the fun is exploring them to find out what works for you. I have recently fallen in love with the Marlin + Goetz Candles. The dark rum, plum and leather notes make for a perfect evening relaxing smell; and they are small enough to take with me on my regular jaunts away from home - bonus!

A Little Me Time: Exploring The 5 Senses | Smell

On the move.

As a creature of habit, I am someone who wears the same perfume every day. However, taking my 100ml bottle everywhere I go can be somewhat arduous, especially when space saving is a must, which had resulted in me often leaving it behind. But this left me feeling like I wasn’t quite complete, perfume is the last thing in my speedy getting ready routine before I leave the house - and I’ve decided it is worth the space to have my favourite smell with me every day! Again, it connects me to feeling like me; it’s how I get ready at home, so why not have it with me wherever I go?

THE FIND | A LITTLE ME TIME | Girls hiking trip

On the next A LITTLE ME TIME post, we will explore the sense of TASTE...


Dr. Amandip Bahia BSc (Hons), DClinPsych, is a Clinical Psychologist and Organisational Consultant with over 15 years of experience working with adults with a variety of mental health difficulties. She has worked both in the NHS and her own private practice. More recently she has been working with organisations, and how psychological theory can help in the workplace. She is passionate about personal well being and how we balance this with busy lives.

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