Looking to lift the spirits of a friend in quarantine? Letterbox flowers like these from Bloom & Wild are a safe, easy way to brighten up the world of a loved one in lockdown. No contact required!


In the new New York Times podcast Sugar Calling, you get to be a fly on the wall as author Cheryl Strayed calls up a different acclaimed writer each week to hear how they're keeping busy (and sane) during the pandemic. Some notable guests so far have included Margaret Atwood, Amy Tan and Alice Walker.


Smoothie Bowl Season is officially here! And what better way to dive in than with this lean, clean peachy number right here. Brought to you from the lovely ladies at The Detox Kitchen, all it takes is a few basic ingredients and 2 minutes of your time.


If you've been working from home without your regular computer monitor and office chair, chances are your lower back's beginning to suffer. Keep pain at bay with these five simple stretches from Refinery29.

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