The Gift of Good Sleep Set - Roman Chamomile

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Anatome's The Gift of Good Sleep Set in Roman Chamomile, is a soothing blend crafted to enhance your nightly rest. This aromatic concoction combines the calming properties of Roman Chamomile with other natural ingredients to promote relaxation and tranquility.

Perfect for those seeking a natural solution to restless nights, this gentle formula helps to quiet the mind and ease tension. Simply add a few drops of Restless Mind to pulse points and spritz the pillow spray across your pillow and bedding. Let the soothing aroma fill your space, allowing yourself to unwind and drift off into a peaceful sleep.

On the skin Apply 2 drops on suggested key sensory points, massage into the skin and inhale with a few deep breaths. The diagram indicates the sensory points most relevant to this oil, and have been carefully chosen for maximum therapeutic benefits. In a diffuser 1 full pipette into diffuser. In a bath 3-5 full pipettes into warm bath.

Leading with: Somali Frankincense, Lavender de Provence, Dalmatian Sage Centred with: Rose Absolute Maroc, Roman Chamomile Grounded with: English Peppermint Carrier oil: Coconut Oil

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