TheraFace PRO with Attachments - White

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The TheraFace PRO is the all-in-one solution for optimal facial health, reducing tension, relaxes facial muscles, and provide deep facial care. This device offers an unparalleled range of science-backed facial therapies, including skin-toning microcurrent therapy and rejuvenating light therapy. With its easy-glide magnetic ring system, the TheraFace PRO ensures a personalised experience, allowing you to seamlessly switch between and combine treatments to meet your unique needs.

This bundle includes the TheraFace Hot and Cold Rings, featuring Cryothermal Technology™. These attachments offer six varying temperature settings to help your skin absorb creams, reduce facial puffiness, and improve radiance. As your facial care needs evolve, the TheraFace PRO evolves with you, providing comprehensive care that goes beyond beauty. True facial health is more than skin deep, and the TheraFace PRO is here to help you achieve it.

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