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Beautiful Bugs Art Box

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Love them or hate them, creepy crawlies are everywhere! In these creative projects, inspired by artists old and new, we look at how to create a wall of recycled bugs, painted butterflies, snail drawings and shapes, spider collages, dragonfly bug jars, cricket patterns and finally moth wings you can wear.

The 'Beautiful Bug' art box includes:
  • A booklet introducing the theme, with information about artists, art styles and techniques.
  • Clear instructions on seven art projects, appropriate for children of any age (4+ years), with tips to tailor each project for little ones.
  • Quality art materials: a set of water-colour paints, a paint-brush, a wooden peg, a glue stick, coloured papers, water-colour paper and a bug template
  • Children of all ages (years 4+). Each project includes tips for little ones
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