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Denim Mist - 150ml

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Washing your denim too frequently can impact its fit, colour and lifespan. Often, all your item needs is a quick refresh and you're good to go. And that's exactly what this Denim Mist has been designed for.

The non-toxic formula eliminates bad odours for good without the need for harsh chemicals. Plus, the formula also helps to protect the fabric fibres of your clothing all in just a few quick sprays, meaning you can walk out the door in a matter of minutes looking and smelling fresh, no hand washing or quick-wash cycle required!

This scent is all about keeping things laid back and fresh like it should be when we wear denim; balancing Bergamot, calming Mandarin Rind with a grind of Black Pepper to give you that extra boost of energy.


  • An alternative to dry cleaning
  • Fragrance booster 
  • Plant based / vegan 
  • Zero harsh chemicals or toxins
  • Aids fabric preservation 
  • Made in the UK

*Please always follow the care instructions of your individual item. Patch test for colour fastness on a hidden area.

Contains natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. This includes < 5% non-ionic surfactants, fragrance (contains citral, d-limonene), preservative (contains phenoxyethanol).

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